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Routing Guide

Phalanx™ lets you leverage itinerary routing-guide rules and freight rates so you can quote recommended shipping methods and freight estimates. It also ensures compliance with customer-provided routing guides as well as with your own internal carrier policies.

An innovative feature of Phalanx™ is its dynamic routing guide functionality that allows companies to globally apply and enforce routing guidelines across a dispersed logistics operation. The dynamic routing guide features may be used to gain increased logistics efficiency and battle the escalating costs and increasing complexities inherent in today's global supply chain.

Electronic routing guides significantly reduce costs, improve communications, take advantage of the ever changing opportunities and provide analysis capabilities that do not exist in paper form. Likewise, the automated selection process is far more efficient than the traditional paper methods.

Routing-guide-rule criteria support geographic ship from/ship to delivery information. Routing-guide rules can be used to model your own organization’s in-bound or out-bound routing requirements, or requirements provided by your customers.