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Route Planning

Route Planning allows you to run your business more efficiently by managing dozens of customer and regulatory requirements while building the best routes for private or dedicated fleets. It does all this by accommodating a range of factors including delivery windows, delivery appointments, load and unload times and driver assignments.

Phalanx™ helps significantly increases a company’s ability to consistently generate efficient routes using fewer trucks, miles and drivers. The route planning module in Phalanx™ easily integrates with a client’s existing order management systems, and can help companies reduce costs through the propagation of shorter routes, reduced fuel consumption and enhanced fleet (internal or external) utilization.

Effectively managing routes involves two distinct phases. First, a plan must be built to efficiently deploy vehicles while satisfying customer demands. Then, it must be fine-tuned to reflect real-world changes; as each order is processed, the schedule is regenerated in real time to optimize operational efficiencies. With the right tool, planning in a fluid environment becomes a powerful way to serve customers.