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Load Optimization

The savings that result from modest reductions in empty space are quite compelling. For instance, if Phalanx™ loads 5% or more onto a trailer, the shipping distance averages 1,000 miles, shipping costs $2,000 ($2 per mile, a common rule of thumb), one Shipment is made per week, the savings would be 5% of $2000 = $l00 per shipment; annual savings of $5200/year (52 weeks x $100).

Empty space on pallets, in trailers and containers translates into lost money. While the concept of computerized load building is not new, most companies offer software solutions for virtual loading which neither factor all constraints nor yield real-world results.

Phalanx™ utilizes proprietary trailer and container loading algorithms to ensure that equipment utilization is based on accurate measurements and not on simple weight and cube summation estimates. These take into account item shape, size, stack-ability and other constraints to build efficient and high-utilization shipments. Furthermore, the algorithmic rule mimics human behavior; this not only boosts equipment utilization and efficiency, it also ensures that the shipments built can be successfully executed at the warehouse. When compared to in-place SCM/routing software, Phalanx™ yields an average of 9.33% more cases loaded with an 8.71% increase in cube utilization. When measured against actual loads organized and sent, Phalanx™ typically yields 4.75% more cases loaded with a 4.39% improvement in cube utilization.