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What is Phalanx™ ?

Phalanx™ is an enterprise-class, global logistics platform that bridges the gap between optimized transportation plans and day-to-day global logistics activities that occur with any number of carriers across all modes of transportation. Phalanx™ enables companies to gain visibility and control of all of their shipments through a carrier-neutral, cloud-based system, which leverages a rules-based workflow engine to manage internal and external company shipment processes. By streamlining processes and information management associated with all shipping modes and all shipping locales, Phalanx™ reduces costs, increases efficiency and improves process compliance. Our move to pioneer Phalanx™ results from the convergence of globalization, Software-as-a-Service, spiraling freight costs, supply chain visibility challenges and the never ending need to “do more with less” in today’s business climate. Phalanx™ fills a void between homegrown shipment processing systems and ERP based software packages, neither of which has the flexibility, ease-of-use and worldwide reach absolutely required by global companies to provide the visibility, control and cost management capabilities necessary to effectively manage a global supply chain.

How is this different from a transportation management system (TMS)?

Phalanx™ is a cloud-based, rules-driven, flexible shipment processing platform that is accessible to all authorized users to process any type of shipment, via any mode, from/to any location by any carrier.

A TMS is primarily a planning and scheduling tool that is integrated with a company’s order processing system to handle the processing and fulfilling of customer orders from a central location. Changes to routing instructions, carriers and service levels require a lengthy lead time and are fairly expensive to implement. TMS systems do not usually address:

Who is Solvere Logistics and what does it do?

Solvere Logistics provides Phalanx™ as an on-demand service, providing companies with the technology and services needed to increase visibility and control costs of their in-bound and out-bound logistics at a low cost of ownership.

Our solutions enable companies to gain visibility and control of all global shipments – freight or package, handled by any carrier, via any mode. By connecting optimized transportation plans to the actual shipment execution through a centralized system and streamlined process, Solvere Logistics customers reduce shipment costs, increase efficiency and improve process compliance. Managed services assist you with getting the most out of your investment in Phalanx™ and enable you to leverage industry best practices while conserving your resources for more strategic initiatives.

What is the Solvere Logistics' corporate vision?

Our vision is to become the premier provider of on-demand technology and business services, to know our market and customers better than the competition and use that insight to deliver predictable, measurable results for our customers.

What platform does the Phalanx™ solution run on?

The platform runs on SQL 2008 with Microsoft Windows Server. Hosting is done in-house. We have a 100% uptime guaranteed service level.

What are the benefits of SaaS?

The success of Software as a Service (SaaS) business model is evident in popular business applications such as NetSuite, Salesforce.com, Jamcracker, Sugar CRM and many more. The key advantage of SaaS is that the customer doesn’t have to provide the in-house support infrastructure to deploy new applications or add additional users as the organizations grow – making it an ideal solution for the SMB market. SaaS supports the end user:

Will my data be safe?

Phalanx™ is designed for maximum uptime and reliability with talented Data Return support departments providing 24/7/365 monitoring of all data and components. Solvere Logistics employs geo-clustering for high availability and disaster recovery. The constituent servers are in geographically separate sites (Fort Washington, PA and Kansas City, MO). The failover cluster quorum is maintained between the sites and the data disks are asynchronously mirrored.

If the servers fail in the main data center, the SQL Server instances are started in the secondary data center.

All replication is handled at the storage level; zero data-loss will occur if a failover is necessary.

The implementation of this architecture involves the main failover cluster nodes in the primary data center with the other failover cluster nodes in the secondary data center or disaster-recovery site.

What are Solvere Logistics' strengths and benefits?

Our strength lies in our team's deep logistics expertise and the power of our user-friendly platform. The Phalanx™ was designed by real users who understand the complex challenges of global shipping.

With Phalanx™ you can rapidly deliver proven, strategic on-demand capabilities to a global user base. This web-hosted solution includes integration with you and your customers and carriers, rapid implementation across your user network and 24/7/365 operations management. There is no software to buy, no hardware to install. All you need is an Internet connection, a PC and a Web browser.

What are key differentiators?

How much does Phalanx™ cost?

Depends on the deployment.

What type of organizations does Phalanx™ serve?

Our customers range in size from small-medium sized businesses to multi-national enterprises. We serve customers primarily in the following verticals:

How is the company funded?

Solvere Logistics is privately funded.

How long has Solvere Logistics been in business?

We have been in business since 2005.

How large is Solvere Logistics?

Solvere Logistics is a young, rapidly growing company headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania with an office in India. Currently, we are less than 100 employees.

What is the Executive team’s background?

Solvere Logistics was founded by a team of experts who have brought their diverse backgrounds and skills together around a single, shared vision: to provide our clients with a simpler way to manage the complex logistics of global shipping. Our management team has 100+ years of combined expertise in technology, software development, operational logistics, sales and customer service. Before joining Solvere Logistics, key members of our team worked with some of the world’s most innovative and best-known technology corporations, including GT Interactive Software, Infogramme, Atari. Others have extensive experience in the shipping and logistics field, having worked with giants like Corning, K-Mart Logistics and NutriSystem Inc. Logistics.