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Carrier Freight Rating

Phalanx™ supports:

Phalanx™ supports a fully automated rating and routing flow that requires no manual user intervention. If your objective is to determine the most cost-effective carrier, automated rating and routing can be configured to automatically select the least-cost carrier. Automatic routing (assignment of carrier) for a delivery can occur once the final delivery is created using routing guide rules. The corresponding freight rate can also be automatically applied at that time. Solvere Logistics has developed the world’s most sophisticated and robust rating engine, capable of understanding the pricing nuances and structures of multiple geographies (from Aberdeen Texas to Aberdeen Scotland); multiple transaction modes (air, road, ocean, rail); multiple cost drivers (per kg, per piece count, per mile, per loading meter); and multiple logistics services (transportation and non-transportation).

While the range of potential opportunities for rating and consolidation can be extremely complex, loading rates into Phalanx™ is not.